FroGIS v.0.9.7-debug

Recommended usually good quality data available and easy to calculate
Necessary default stimulation direction of indicator shows need for water retention
Possible default stimulation direction of indicator shows possibility for water retention
Remember to always choose both types of indicators that represent needs and possibility

Please choose the number of classes and if needed adjust their ranges. Changes in the direction of influence (stimulation or not-stimulation) of the indicator value on the need for water retention should be done only in exceptional situations. Changes in the weight are recommended if a clear dominance of one group of indicators, eg concerning LandUse was observed, then you can reduce their importance by changing the weight.

Valorization map of possibilities and needs of water retention
The map presents the final classification obtained by the aggregation of individual classes of indicators divided into a selected number of classes. Min class represents low potential for water retention and max class high.